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We at Yash Security make sure that truth, quality service and customer satisfaction is the top priority. 

Yash Security Services is growing up by leaps and bounds to become one of the Rajasthan’s most admired Security organizations, catering to security needs of clients all over Rajasthan with help of trained Security Staff. We are a team of highly experienced and efficient Security professionals. Yash Security Services promises reliable and effective security solutions for the protection of life and property with a perfect blend of skills and trained resources. Over the years, we have developed and perfected this combination having provided a wide spectrum of services to many highly reputed and well known Corporate Houses, Industries, and Multinationals & Government Institution. Protection of the client and other allocated areas, locations, premises against unauthorized access, loss prevention, sabotage, and other criminal acts. Patrolling and inspecting the locations of the client by transport or on foot, to provide continuous checking and scrutiny of the allocated area. Performing mandatory public safety, law and order functions. Controlling access to the allocated area employing recommended fixed security posts and patrols. Controlling and enforcing established systems for personnel identification and badging.

Sustaining security awareness and crime prevention program. Training of security guards at the unit training premises and the security guards deployment sites. Training of guards to speak politely and with courtesy to clients and guests. Provision of escorts to VIPs and personnel under threat. Responding to real-time emergent situations. Monitoring of electronic surveillance and scanner equipment machinery and tools. Provision of investigation services. Provision of sniffer dogs if and when required.

This is further underlined in our mission statement, which has four main elements:

    • We want to simplify the belief of our customers.
    • We make our customers, employees, and Supporters more successful in their future ventures.
    • We make a positive contribution to the World.
    • We always demonstrate respect when achieving our results.
  • We are successful when you are:

    • We strongly believe that pursuing all of these goals is in our interest and the interest of all of our stakeholders: customers, employees and the planet as a whole.
    • We add value to people’s interaction with us, whether with excellent services or products, by engaging our employees and nurturing their talents, and, we show concern for our world and our communities with our various corporate responsibility programs under the motto of Secure Everyone Secure Everywhere.

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We at Yash Security make sure that truth, quality service and customer satisfaction is the top priority.